Samer's Worst Day
by Jeff Wright

If you say you've gone across America on a bike and didn't get a flat tire, you are a dirty liar. Take Samer for instance, who set a new Guinness book world record (not true) for number of flats riding across America (subsequently, Eric set a record for least miles ridden to get across America on a bike [true]). Samer, who was plagued by flats, got the king of all flats in Ohio, the same day that the police yelled at us for riding on the freeway. As we were riding up the 888 highway, we heard a loud shotgun sound, I turned around and looked if anyone was hit. It turned out that Samer had sustained a flat tube and tire, the tire was unrepairable and we were 50 miles away from the nearest town.

"Don't worry Samer, we'll tell everyone you made it to Pennsylvania," exclaimed Doug.

"At least you have your health," stated Jeff.

"Riding to Ohio is pretty good," said Trent.

"Are you still going to pay for the hotels?" thought Eric.

Eric was right, Samer had to make it to the next town, so we took out our duct tape -- which can fix anything -- and patched up Samer's tire.

We were apprehensive of whether or not the tire would hold. I remember I bet on it breaking in 10 minutes -- but hold it did and Samer made it to the edge of Pennsylvania with a tire made of duct tape and shear determination.

So the next time you get a flat on the side of the road, just be thankful that you're not Samer on the side of the road in Ohio...and carry some duct tape with you, you'll be glad you did.

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