In 2002, my wife and I uprooted our Bay Area California lives and moved to Meadview, AZ for a dream job: field biologist in the Grand Canyon. Meadview (that's all of it below) was quite a change. Lucky for us, it's a surprisingly magical area, and it's all about location. This is the western end of the Grand Canyon, one of the easiest places to cross the Colorado River for many miles. The Paiute indians used the area for migration routes, followed by Mormon settlers and then miners.

With the construction of Hoover Dam and the filling of Lake Mead, Meadview is now a mecca for boaters, and the river can no longer be crossed. The "town" is situated on a mesa, above the lake and right below the amazing Grand Wash Cliffs. The feeling here is still one of isolation in the natural world. People don't go through Meadview, because it truly is the end of the road.

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