Tied by Dave Horn

Having bicycle toured over 40,000 miles so far (9 trips) I have millions of stories to bore even the most eager learner. However, here's a short one for you:

It was during my 3rd transcontinental ride (with my brother Mike, his 1st) that we found ourselves relaxing in a Dairy Queen, somewhere in the back woods of Minnesota. We both had taken our positions, half sitting/half laying, on either side of the booth, large dipped cone in hand, when a friendly old local approached us. By this point in the tour we had come up with a system of alternation which decided who had to answer the next set of questions. For any long distance cyclist, you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention "The Questions", but for you uneducated folk, they go something like this...."where y'all comin' from?", "how many flat "tars" have you had?", "don't y'all get tard?" , and of course, "do people mess with ya?". Well, this particular time it happened to be my turn. So I answer the first the few questions, no problem. Then he asks me the doozy..."so, y'all racing them bikes across country or y'all just riding?" I reply, "We're racing. Right now it's a tie." I took a lick from my cone, glanced at my brother, and then we busted up laughing.


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